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Heat Pump Installation Projects

As businesses consider and look at how to decarbonise their buildings & estates, one of the key focus area’s they often discuss is how do they come away from their current gas appliances which provide heating and hot water. Currently, electrification is the only real viable solution for replacing natural gas.

When the decision has been made to come away for the carbon heavy fuel source of natural gas and consideration given to all the challenges & complications this change will bring, who can you speak to?  More and more business want to partner with an installation expert, someone who understands the large and small complexities schemes like this can present.

This is where Hawley Building Services excel, they work to a programme that suits their customers, they schedule works around client requirements and are always aware of keeping disruption on site to an absolute minimum.

Our ‘client first’ approach means that even before a boot hits the ground the client’s delivery expectation has been understood and clearly communicated to all those involved in the project.

Heat pump schemes often involve complicated segments of works specifically around how heat will be maintained on a site during the transition from old plant to new. Some contractors insist on only carrying out heat pump works during the warmer months of the year, thus removing the need to keep buildings heated. But this time of year could coincide with the busiest period for the end user, who may well not want to expose their business to risk or disruption at an important time. With experience of installing Heat Pumps all year round (including in the depths of winter) Hawley Building Services can always find a solution that works for both our clients and their customers.

In addition to ensuring ongoing operational delivery, clients and contractors must also consider the logistical challenges a new heat pump install can bring.  Because most commercial buildings in the UK are over 30 years old, they were never constructed to account for Heat pump technologies and plant, they were always expected to have a common gas fired system installed. Often, there is no apparent suitability available for the new Heat Pump(s) so a new area must be created which is suitable to support the new plant. Beyond this there is a requirement which says future access for servicing and maintaining the heat pump must have been accounted for and provided. Working with our consulting partners at Hawley Energy, we can always ensure any new structural loadings are considered, supplementary structural support is installed and all new structural designs and structures comply with current building regulations.

A new commercial/industrial heat pump can be an extremely heavy piece of equipment often weighing between 400-800kgs. This means getting a new heat pump into its final location will need to involve some form of cranage. The introduction of cranage brings its own specific challenges. These challenges need to be clearly communicated with clients and agreement of all parties must be obtained regarding the lift location, safe working areas and disruption levels to site.


Once the heat pump is installed in its final location, it is piped up, electrically connected and integrated with any existing or new BMS systems, an important period of commissioning to ensure correct operation of the heat pump must take place.  This commissioning period is required to ensure the strategy of operation for the heat pump and the heating output of the unit(s) is tested and thoroughly proven. Only then will a full change over from existing gas fired equipment occur and any temporary plantrooms will be disconnected and removed from site.


At this point the client is now fully transitioned onto their new heat pumps and the final clearing down of site and making good can commence.

As you can see installing a new heat pump and heating system can come with a lot of differing complexities and challenges. With an experienced installer who is supported by an in-house consultancy & design function there really is no better partner to deliver on your decarbonisation strategy.

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