Stephen Wainwright

Electrical Manager

Stephen Wainwright – Electrical Manager

Stephen has been a great addition to the building services team; he brings a high level of knowledge and professionalism that resonates with all our clients. His solution-first attitude; commitment to quality and exceptional communication skills, provide our customers with confidence and peace of mind so they know; no matter how large or complicated the scheme, Stephen will be able to deliver.

As the Electrical Manager at Hawley Building Services, overseeing project management and estimating, Stephen brings over a decade of experience to the table. As an Estimator, his role involves ensuring precise and competitive project quotes. Simultaneously, as a Project Manager, Stephen oversees the successful execution of various projects, ensuring they meet or exceed expectations. He also serves as the primary point of contact for the delivery of works for one of our largest retail partners. His role involves facilitating seamless communication and coordination between our team and the client to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Stephen says, “Throughout the years, I’ve discovered that successful project management goes beyond technical expertise; it’s about effective communication and understanding people’s needs. I am grateful for the opportunity to develop and flourish in a rapidly growing company, excited to see where this adventure takes me.” Stephen adds, “I thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing professional environment, engaging with diverse individuals. The dynamic nature of my role keeps me on my toes, contributing to my professional growth and satisfaction”.

Outside of the professional realm, Stephen embraces an active lifestyle. “Acting as a coach and organizer for my son’s football team brings me immense joy as I mould positive experiences for the young players”. His commitment extends beyond the side-lines, “By leading coaching sessions and organizing various activities, I strive to create an optimal environment for the 35 kids under my care, emphasizing their well-being and growth. Ultimately, my son and daughter take precedence in my life, motivating me to push boundaries and pursue excellence in every aspect of life.”

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