James Taylor

Operations Manager

James Taylor – Operations Manager

James brings a real passion for customer service and an unwavering desire to meet client expectation. That passion cascades through his team and into other areas of the business. As a member of the leadership team James provides vision and insight into customer needs and ensures the business is pro-active in understanding both current and future client demands. James has a quality-first approach; that emphasis aligns perfectly with the rest of the Hawley Group.

James has a varied role seeing projects from their initial conversations with clients’ right through to handovers and all the parts in-between that our clients don’t see. He supports the entire team through every phase of the projects’, ensuring communication is clear throughout.

James has a background in plumbing and was identified as management in his early twenties. He says on joining and settling into Hawley Building Services team, “I love the team ethos and love to see how much that has an effect on productivity.” His enthusiasm and input into the team is an essential part of our future development.

Outside of work James has a wife and 2 young children. His sporting passion is Ice Hockey “I have played for several years and still managed to keep all my teeth!” He sees himself as a coffee connoisseur “my wife would say coffee snob, but I love to find independent coffee shops to try out”.

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