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With ongoing fluctuations of energy prices and the constant drive to reduce costs, one of the first things most businesses consider is to switch their existing lighting system over to energy efficient LED lights.


There are lots of benefits to consider when switching to LED lighting, ranging from lower energy bills brought about by the high efficiency of LEDs, the longer lifespan which means the lights need to be changed less (this helps bring down ongoing maintenance costs for large multi-site businesses). Additionally LED lights are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous materials.


Another benefit of LED lighting is the ability to interconnect it with SMART control technology, this can seamlessly control lighting to coincide with outside light levels for buildings with a lot of natural light; the lighting can also be controlled to offer a different ambience which can coincide with events or different tasks throughout the day. LED lighting can also be used to help promote wellbeing and improved mood with more focus given on replicating natural sunlight through winter months.

At Hawley Building Services we have vast experience of providing customised designs and installation to suit our clients’ needs. We always consider the best route to ensure minimum disruption to our clients, often carrying out installation works out of hours; reducing impact on the customers’ daily operation.


Our experienced site management team are solely focused on ensuring smooth delivery of any project as customer satisfaction is not just a phrase, but a key goal for our projects. We appreciate that satisfaction is only delivered when all aspects of any scheme are programmed, explained and delivered in line with expectation.


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